Uncover Your Strength

Uncover Your Strength

Hi tribe! Have you ever wondered how the challenges you've overcome have made you stronger and shaped your current perspective? What specific experiences have defined your resilience and growth? That is your strength.

According to the meridian webster dictionary, strength is defined as “the quality or state of being strong: capacity of exertion or endurance.” What resonates most with me concerning this definition is strong and endurance. These attributes can take on many meanings including stability, vigor and power. All of which can be physical or mental.

Reflecting on our personal journeys, it’s often the hurdles and setbacks that reveal our true strengths. These moments, while difficult at the time, serve as pivotal points in our lives, molding us into more resilient and capable individuals. For instance, facing a demanding job, navigating a tough personal loss, or overcoming a significant health issue can all be catalysts for profound personal development.

Think back to a moment when you faced a seemingly insurmountable obstacle. How did you feel at the time? Overwhelmed, anxious, perhaps even defeated? Yet, as you pushed through, you likely discovered inner resources you didn’t know you had—patience, determination, creativity, or perhaps the ability to seek and accept help from others.

It’s these experiences that teach us valuable life lessons and help us build a toolkit of skills and insights. For example, dealing with a difficult project at work might have taught you the importance of time management and delegation. Overcoming personal loss may have deepened your empathy and understanding of others. Battling a health issue might have instilled in you a greater appreciation for life and a commitment to self-care.


By acknowledging and embracing our past struggles, we not only celebrate our resilience but also empower ourselves to tackle new challenges with confidence. Reflect on your own experiences to uncover your strengths. How can you use them to create a positive impact in your life and inspire others? You fill in the blanks. Find that inner strength in you. Uncover it and release it to you physical and mental tasks. The key lies within you. It’s time for you to unlock the door.

Be empowered, you are loved by God and a beautiful creation. Until next time, take care of yourself and others. 💜💜



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